Nitecore EC4S

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Max output 2150 lumens. Powered by 2x18650 or 4xCR123 or 4xRCR123 batteries.

The Nitecore EC4S is the second die-cast flashlight from Nitecore, which is manufactured using a casting method of injecting molten aluminium under high pressure into a mould cavity, which involves no separate parts being welded or fastened together. This means the EC4S has the highest level of structural integrity with the head and the tube being an integral whole.

The most incredible thing about the die-cast unibody construction is that it gives the EC4S the best heat sinking capabilities that you could imagine in a flashlight. The seamless structure ensures heat generated by the working LED is delivered evenly and rapidly to the overall surface. The die-cast unibody construction of EC4S needs no redundant elements except for the glass, LED, reflector, regulation circuit board and the rear lock. There is no battery compartment or fasteners between the head and the tube. This means that EC4S has the most compact size and the lightest weight, which is beyond the capabilities of any conventional manufacturing process.

Utilising the Cree Quad-die Xlamp XHP50 LED, which is equivalent to the Cree XM-L2 in terms of size, yet capable of emitting twice the brightness. The XHP50 LED produces a diffuse beam with large hotspot, and combined with the textured reflector results in a smooth beam pattern, which is perfect for real world usage.

Powered by 2x18650 or 4xRCR123 Li-ion batteries or 4xCR123A primary cells (not included).

A dual side switch allows for easy one handed operation and instant access to turbo and ultra low output. The switch also incorporates a blue light power indicator (patented) that displays the remaining battery power to help prevent users being left in the dark.

Maximum output of 2150 lumens and 5 brightness levels plus 3 special modes:

Brightness Levels (Runtimes based on 2 x 18650 2600 mAh batteries):

Turbo: 2150 lumens - 45 minute runtime
High: 1100 lumens - 2 hour 15 minute runtime
Mid: 400 lumens - 6 hour 15 minute runtime
Low: 80 lumens - 30 hour 45 minute runtime
Ultra Low: 2 lumens - 260 hour runtime

Beam distance of up to 280 meters, impact resistant to drops from 1.5 meter & waterproof to IPX-8 (2 meters submersible).

The EC4S has a head diameter of 40mm and is therefore compatible with our 40 mm diameter filters & diffusers.

Includes: Belt Holster & wrist lanyard.

Nitecore EC4S user manual can be downloaded here.

Max Output: 2150 lumens

Max Beam Distance: 280 m

Max Beam Intensity: 19600 cd

Max Run time: 325 Hours / 13.54 Days


Reflector: OP

Battery: 2 × 18650 or 4 × CR123

Special Modes: Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe

Beam colour: White light

Length: 150 mm / 5.91 in

Head Size: 40 mm / 1.57 in

Weight: 71 g / 6.03 oz

Feature: Tail Stand

Activity: Outdoor/Camping, Search

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Excellent torch.
Just as good as I thought it would be.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
I work providing emergency support to outdoor expeditions in the uk and abroad and I wanted a very powerful search light that used 18650 batteries (compatible with my other torches) but were small and light enough to go in my rucksack. I was in between the EC4S and the TM06S. I chose the EC4S due to its smaller size and weight. I have been very happy with it for its intended use! It is a very versatile torch that when combined with the HC30 fulfils all my needs for lighting while travelling for work and for fun. No complaints yet.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
This is an excellent product. Has a real quality feel. Love the output and the good size. Easy to handle and use. Would definitely recommend this torch.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
I love it!

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