Nitecore LR70


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Nitecore LR70
  • Dimensions: 113 mm x 60 mm x 34 mm / 4.45" x 2.36" x 1.34"
  • Weight: 271 g / 9.56 oz.
  • 2 lighting modes and 2 special modes available
  • Flashlight mode: 2 x Luminus SST40 LEDs with max output of 3000 lumens
  • Lantern mode: 20 x high CRI LEDs (4000K colour temperature) with max output of 400 lumens
  • Built-in 2 x 21700 5000mAh li-ion battteries
  • Integrated intelligent li-ion battery charging and discharging circuit, available to be used as a power supply with 18W max output power
  • USB-C input port with QC fast charge
  • Highly translucent PC diffuser allowing the light to be well distributed
  • A power indicator shows the remaining battery power
  • Automatic detection of battery level and automatic adoption of the optimal charging modes between CC and CV
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit
  • Made from durable aluminium alloy
Product thumb
Nitecore LR70

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The Nitecore LR70 3-in-1 light has a maximum output of 400 lumens from the lantern mode and 3000 lumens from the 2 x Luminus SST40 LEDs in flashlight mode. It is powered by 2 x built-in li-ion 21700 batteries and is rechargeable via USB-C. Offering the convenience of both a flashlight and camping lantern, the LR70 is ideal for outdoor adventures.

The lantern function provides 360° illumination and can be used standing upright or hanging from the attachment clip on the base. The lantern has a red light mode including beacon and SOS outputs, making it ideal for map reading, emergency response, stargazing and night photography.

The dual button user interface makes it easy to find the desired setting; the flashlight button is on the side of the light and the lantern button sits on the top. Simply press the corresponding switch for the mode you want to access.

In addition to the lighting options, the LR70 can be used as a power bank with USB-C input and output. The high speed charging is suitable for keeping your electronic devices charged and the low current mode is ideal for smaller device such as smart watches.

Built into the top of the lantern is a power level display so you know when it's time to recharge. The indicator will flash 3 times when the power level is above 50%, twice when lower than 50% and once when lower than 10%.

Brightness Levels:
Flashlight mode
Turbo: 3000 lumens
Higher: 1000 lumens - 10 hrs runtime
High: 300 lumens - 21 hrs runtime
Mid: 35 lumens - 100 hrs runtime
Low: 1 lumen - 600 hrs runtime

Lantern mode
High: 400 lumens - 7 hrs runtime
Mid: 55 lumens - 60 hrs runtime
Low: 5 lumens - 200 hrs runtime
Red High: 10 lumens - 80 hrs runtime
Red Low: 2 lumens - 260 hrs runtime
Red SOS: 10 lumens
Red Beacon: 10 lumens

Maximum beam distance 300 meters (flashlight mode), waterproof to IP67 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

Nitecore LR70 user manual can be downloaded here.