Nitecore MH15


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Nitecore MH15
  • Length: 117 mm / 4.61"
  • Head and Tube Diameter: 30 mm / 1.18"
  • Tail Diameter: 27.4 mm / 1.08"
  • Weight: 140 g / 4.94 oz.
  • Utilises an optical lens system with various facets
  • Built-in 5000mAh 21700 high capacity li-ion battery
  • Tail switch controls the 4 brightness levels and 2 special modes
  • 4 power indicators on the tail indicate the remaining battery power
  • Intelligent li-ion battery charging and discharging circuit, available to be used as a power supply with a max output of 18W
  • Dual way USB-C port with QC fast charge
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output
  • Incorporated Advance Temperature Regulation (ATR) module
  • Constructed from PC material and aero grade aluminium alloy
  • Equipped with a clip
  • Tail stand capability
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Nitecore MH15

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The Nitecore MH15 torches has a maximum output of 2000 lumens from the Luminus SST40 LED and is powered by a built-in 5000mAh li-ion battery. The ideal everyday flashlight, it features an impressive output, a 250 meter throw, emergency SOS and beacon modes and a power bank feature to keep your devices charged.

With a QC 18W input and output, the MH15 can charge your mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device. The torch can be recharged in as little at 1.5 hours via the USB-C port.

Small and compact, the flashlight can easily be carried and stored in a pocket or bag. A pocket clip is available and the torch can be stood its end for upward illumination.

The light features 4 brightness levels, ranging from 5 to 2000 lumens. It is operated by a single tail switch, next to which sit 4 LED lights which indicate the remaining battery power:

  • 1 light = 0% - 25%
  • 2 lights = 25% - 50%
  • 3 lights = 50% - 75%
  • 4 lights = 75% = 100%

Brightness Levels:
Turbo: 2000 lumens - 45 mins runtime*
High: 350 lumens - 6 hrs 30 mins runtime
Mid: 50 lumens - 24 hrs runtime
Low: 5 lumens - 200 hrs runtime

Plus Beacon and SOS (2000 lumens)

*The runtime of Turbo is tested without the temperature regulation.

Maximum beam distance 250 meters, waterproof to IP68 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: USB-C to USB-C charging cable, lanyard.

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