Nitecore NU40


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Nitecore NU40

Dimensions: 79.8mm x 46.1mm x 43.9mm (3.14" x 1.81" x 1.73")

Weight: 116 g / 4.09 oz

Max Output: 1,000 lumens

Max Beam Distance: 100 meters

Max Beam Intensity: 2700 cd

Battery Built-in 2,600mAh Li-ion Battery

Special Modes: Location Beacon, SOS

Beam colour: White Light, Red Light

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Nitecore NU40

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The Nitecore NU40 rechargeable head torch features a built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery that is rechargeable via a USB-C (cable included). Charging time of around 1.5 hours and the NU40 can also be used while on charge, making it the perfect travelling companion.

Weighing in at only 116 grams, the NU40 is very light considering it's impressive maximum output of 1000 lumens. Four blue power indicator lights show the remaining battery voltage.

The NU40 is constructed with an aluminium alloy front housing to aid in heat dissipation with a PC plastic rear housing, which is high strength yet light weight. The headband of the NU40 has been widened for added comfort with a reflective strip and hollow design to aid air flow.

Brightness Levels, Runtimes and Range

White Light:

Turbo: 1000 Lumens - Burst Mode - 100 meters
High: 600 Lumens - 6 hours - 77 meters
Medium: 300 Lumens - 10 hours - 53 meters
Low: 100 Lumens - 22 hours - 30 meters
Ultra Low: 8 Lumens - 120 hours - 8 meters
SOS: 1000 Lumens
Beacon: 1000 Lumens

Red Light:

Constant on: 10 Lumens - 50 hours - 5 meters
Slow Flash: 10 Lumens - 68 hours

A unibody optical lens system provides a wide uniform beam pattern for a comfortable viewing experience. Operation is via a dual button interface with separate on/off and mode switches. In addition to the main white beam there is a low level red LED output, ideal for map viewing, wildlife observation and night photography.

Multiple protection safeguards include a sensor that detects obstructions directly in front of the light and lowers the brightness to avoid overheating. There is also a lockout mode to prevent accidental operation while not in use.

Waterproof to IP68 means the NU40 can be used in all weathers.

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